/// Goederenvervoer

Our enterprise holds high the banner of decent service.

That's why we also deliver transport of documents, bonds, securities and goods all over Europe.

Our trumps

  • Personal transport
    • Delivery by a person
    • No stops in a distribution centre
    • Extensive control when delivering : correctness and verification
  • All over Europe


OBC Service

In this region tiktax is the one and only to offer an OBC Service.

The "Onboard Courier" attends guarded transport of sensitive, time critical or valuable goods. You always know where your goods are.  Our OBC Service takes care that there is no better way to transport your goods to their destination - all over the world.

Our trumps

  • Individual transport
    • No intermediate stops, no intermediary
  • Secured transport of your goods
    • With or without guarding
    • The safe route of your  choice
    • transport in a safe
  • Traceabel
    • Tracking system that tells you the location of your transport
    • You can always contact the driver personally, 24/24
  • Superfast
    • We only stop if absolutely necessary.
  • Intercontinental